66 Stories

Page Created Aug 21, 2017. Perhaps your story will eclipse all others.

Purpose: This page is for nearly anything and everything that classmates may want to share. Did you have an encounter with fame, power, celebrity, or your 15 minutes of fame? Do you have an amusing, adventurous, traumatic, poignant, uplifting, depressing, transformative, or otherwise interesting tale, essay, or travelogue to share? Perhaps you have an interesting hobby? What about your experience with the Princeton admission process? Do you have a blog or website that classmates would enjoy? A Princeton connection is great but not necessary. If so, please contact John Hart (jmhart62@gmail.com), and the ad hoc Story Committee will be in touch once it's posted.


The 50th Reunion Book contains several stories. The first group starts on page 22, and the second, Stories and Reflections, starts on page 315.


In Process - Several more in the pipeline. Check back soon.

  • Charlie Gogolak and the "Ticket to Freedom" - Sandy Kirkpatrick writes (March 27, 2019):

"Years ago a group of us sat spellbound in my Denver living room as Charlie Gogolak told the harrowing story of his family's daring escape from communist Hungary in 1956.

"Recently I became aware of a video "Ticket to Freedom", made by Charlie's son Steve, which is an expanded version of the story also covering Charlie's and his brother Pete's U.S. college and pro football careers, as well as other accomplishments and adventures. It is a well-done and moving account, available to stream from Vimeo.com at no cost.

"I may be one of the last classmates to know of this video, but enthusiastically commend it to anyone who hasn't seen it."


Here is the NFF Award Presentation to Charlie and his brother Pete.


  • Oral History from PAW online: "Tony Zee '66 made an improbable journey from China to Brazil and eventually to Princeton, where he studied physics under the tutelage of legendary professor John Wheeler." Tony made this recording at the 50th reunion. Posted March 11. 2019.
  • Model railroading is a hobby numerous 66'ers have pursued before, during, and after Princeton. Who can forget John Scully's FLIX 66 video? Mike Burrill is among many others involved in the hobby, and his current project reflects a professional interest in urban design. Mike writes, "I finished one new building for the railroad - Curry Merchantile. I took new photos of several buildings ... to illustrate how adding ballast for the tracks, streets and parking lots, more people, and sidewalks has livened things up a little. I still need to add vehicles (not cheap), trees, more street lights, more people, and street furnishings like benches and planter boxes etc.  That will likely take several months.  Stay tuned for updates in the Spring." Posted March 9, 2019.
  • Podcast Spotlight: Jon Wiener ’66 Digs Into Politics, History, and Trump, published online by PAW February 21, 2019, tells Jon's tale of becoming host of The Nation magazine's podcast, Start making Sense.
  • Fireworks is Mike Witte's story of coming of age in "Witteville", MO. Mike writes, "[Here is a] photo of my extraordinarily generous, self-sacrificing, hard-working parents. Looking back from 75, my life has been extraordinarily blessed to have known them." Posted February 11, 2019.
  • In Be Careful What You Wish For, Philip NIcholson joins a men's group to expand the range of his emotional experiences . Posted November 2, 2018.
  • Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat - A Krispy Kreme Story by Rich Reinis. Posted October 12, 2018. Also see Rich's Permission Granted - In this PAW online interview, Rich recalls undergraduate days, including getting the dean's approval to get married and playing football, especially the Nov 14, 1964 Yale game.
  • A Meeting and Photo with President Clinton by Jeff Shafer. Posted September 12, 2018
  • An Aeronautical Odyssey by Ed Aiken. Posted June 11, 2018
  • Jose Ferrer '33 and Professor Uwe Reinhardt by Nelson Hendler. Posted August 21, 2017
  • The Princeton Interview with C. William Edwards '36 by Nelson Hendler. Posted August 21, 2017
  • Nixon in Berlin by Terrence O'Keeffe. Posted August 20, 2016