Masked Men Unmasked

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Here are the unmasking emails, containing paired photos and brief sketches of the masked men of the week.

Unmasking #21. Bearded Masked Men. Bill Price, David Schatz, Dave Stewart, Gene Struckhoff 

Unmasking #20. Masked Identical Surnames. Jim Holman, Jon Holman, Macklin Smith, Tim Smith

Unmasking #19. Masked B Men. Terry Beatty, Eric Berman, John Black, Rick Bowers

Unmasking #18. Masked Men Abroad. Ed Coe, Paul Corcoran, Ham Shields, Russell Willis

Unmasking #17. Masked Families. John Heminway, John Hoerster, Sim Savage, Brian Wright

Unmasking #16. Masked Couples. Doug Hansmann, John Hart, Rich McConnell, Mike Witte

Unmasking #15. Masked Men of Wine. David Beck, John Haeger, Bill Johnson, Rick Jones

Unmasking #14. Neil Bloomfield, Gib Hentschke, Dave Sonnenberg, Steve Wells

Unmasking #13. '66ers around the University. Chris Eisgruber, Bob Rawson, Charles Plohn, Henry Von Kohorn

Unmasking #12. The Hilton Head 5. David Ames, Bob Bedell, Keith Jennings, J. David "Stitz" Stitzer, Rich Thomas

Unmasking #11. Deep Thinkers. Allan Horwich, Bert Kerstetter, Dan Skvir, Norm Tabler

Unmasking #10. The Masked Men of Medicine. Lance Chilton, Mark Lurie, Louis Reich, Phil Rodenberger

Unmasking #9. Humorous(?) Masks. Ernie Hutton, Harlan Levy, Tiny Morgan, Paul Savidge

Unmasking #8. The Physicists. Fred Forster, Joel Primack, Jeff Weiss, Tony Zee

Unmasking #7The Lawyers. Robert Chester, John Edie, Steve Herrmann, Larry Horn

Unmasking #6. Jon Dawson, Jay Lagemann, Mark Levine, Jim Merritt

Unmasking #5. You'll know them by their clothes. Larry Cromwell, Phil Hansen, David Lee, Bruce Leslie

Unmasking #4. Roommate Pairs. Steve Gaal, Glenn Goltz, Paul Segal, David Williams

Unmasking #3. Ted Hoster, John Lumpkin, Jim McAfee, T.R. Reid

Unmasking #2. Tom Adams, Rick Bradstreet, John Lamb, Kit Mill

Unmasking #1. Stas Maliszewski, Chuck Lagreco, Bruce Ribner, Jon Wiener