Recent Classmate Sightings


November 17, 2018. '66 classmates were on hand during the 10-0 undefeated 2018 football season - the first undefeated season since 1964. For everything about the season, including game descriptions and photos, click here.



November 15, 2018. The 66 Boston Lunch Group meets monthly, more or less, on the third Thursday of each month. If you're in town, please join us (Contact Ned Groth [] or John Hart [] for details). The September 13 kickoff had (L-R around the table in Photo 1) Owen Mathieu, David Williams, Willy Osborn, Rick Bowers (back from the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute), Ned Groth, John Hart, and Jim Parmentier. Jay Lagemann and his reunion tigers joined the Oct 18 group with William Ducas, Mike Tooke, Groth, Hart, Lee, Osborn, and Williams. Jay had taken the tigers down to NJ to have them 3-D scanned, and he parked behind the restaurant on the way home, providing another photo op. Two days later, Groth, Hart, and Lee reconvened for the Princeton-Harvard game (29-21 victory) and pre-game tailgate (photo 6 in the slide show) hosted by Dave and Hallie Lee. See Ned's Facebook news feed for photos and more. The next month, Tim Barrows joined the group, and Lagemann showed up with very heavy bronze painted tigers cast from molds made in Hong Kong from the 3-D scans.




October 17, 2018. Bill Brauer met up with Jon Holman at the Market Bar in SF as Jon continues to flush out classmates far and wide. The class birthday card often does the trick. Bill reports that he has never been to Reunions, played semi-pro basketball in Europe soon after law school, he's a retired attorney, and his main avocation is five days a week with his grandson Teo. Bill also volunteers at a crisis hotline, and he plans to start coming to our '66 Bay Area events. He is married with two daughters.

October 15, 2018.
Lanny Jones was staying at the Cambridge, MA Charles Hotel (Harvard's attempt at a Nassau Inn equivalent) and snapped this photo of artwork in the room. Lanny spotted Mike Spence among the Nobel Prize winning economists that the Econ 101 students will be expected to master.  This is Harvard, so one economist's name is misspelled.

October 5, 2018. On October 4, 2018, 21 '66 classmates met for lunch at Delancey Street Restaurant in San Francisco.  This was the third San Francisco '66 event in the past 12 months.  Tom Hanks '66, a career U.S. Geological Survey scientist, was convinced to speak to the group about earthquakes and the logic for earthquake insurance, which he did with great skill.  His Landon classmate and Princeton roommate Frank Nuessle completely surprised Tom and flew out to San Francisco from Philadelphia just for the event, introducing Tom with much humor and a very funny high school poster.  Also visiting from the east coast were Jim Parmentier and Ken Krosin.  The other highlight of the gathering was welcoming Peter Waring, who by coming to the lunch attended his first '66 and Princeton event since graduation.  Kudos to Tim Smith for coming up with the idea of having a class speaker. Here is the list of 21 attendees:
Tom Adams, Warren Browne, Ord Elliott, Michael Goldstein, Tom Hanks , Jon Holman, Hank Hulter, Krist Jake, Ken Krosin, Mark Levine, David Marshak, Tom Norris, Frank Nuessle, Jim Parmentier, John Scully, Lemoine Skinner, Tim Smith, Tom Tureen, Peter Waring, Jeff Weiss, Joe Zizzi.
The slide show includes everyone but Jon Holman who was so absorbed by taking photographs that he forgot to include himself. No problem: Scroll down to the Oct 1 Stanford Business School reunion to catch Jon along with other 66ers.

October 1, 2018. Jon Holman
writes that the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) class of 1968 had 18 Princetonians including ten '66 classmates: Steve Bakke, Lloyd Bentsen, Jon Dawson, Terry Eakin, Jon Holman, Rick Jones, the late George Largay, Bill Reed, John Scully, and George Weiksner (joint MBA/JD program).. This weekend we had our 50th GSB reunion, and four from '66 were there.  Photo attached.  If you can't tell who's who, read the name tags.  If your eyesight has failed, L-R Eakin, Holman, Dawson, Jones.

Searching the archives turned up images of the '66 football team composed of GSB and other classmates at Stanford. The photo on the left has '66ers line up in a single wing at GSB, 1967. Backfield: Weiksner, Frank Remley, Largay (deceased), Reed. Line: Dawson, Jones, Ken Boudwin, Eakin, Tom Curto '65, and Scully. On the right, Backfield: Weiksner, Largay, Reed, and Line: Dawson, Bentsen, Eakin, and Scully at Scully's Long Island home in 2004, reprising their 1967 lineup at Stanford GSB.



August 28, 2018. Jim Parmentier is sailing in Maine and meeting up with other classmates. "Susan Gabert and I hosted Eileen and Owen Mathieu overnight this past Saturday as they made their way from Marblehead to Penobscot Bay on their 30' Sabre NORBECK....and we fed Barbara and Glenn Goltz a drive-by dinner on Sunday evening as they headed to Camden to sail the schooner GRACE BAILEY for a week.  Susan is the lady to Glenn's right in the picture.  Lynn and David Williams introduced us last Fall, after our Chesapeake mini-reunion."


August 27, 2018. John Edie
writes, "Hi gents - Frank MacMurray and I have been hiking in the Bugaboos (Canadian mountains) for the last six days. These are two shots at our last helicopter pickup today.  Gail took the picture. Amazing mountains!"


August 27, 2018. Rick Bowers adds a note along with a photo and a debatable personal opinion, "I had lunch with Larry Owen and Alice (Lyman) Miller a while ago.  Attached is a picture.  We're not nearly as good looking as MacMurray and Edie." Rick has been spending the last year at the Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute.

April 26-28, 2018.The Princeton Prize in Race Relations (our class service project) sponsored the April 26-28 symposium and dinner. Nine class members (Charles Plohn, Jim Merritt, Bud D'Avella, Turk Thacher, Henry Von Kohorn, Jim Parmentier, Bert Kerstetter, Owen Mathieu, Jon Dawson) and spouses were on hand. During the Symposium, which all Princeton Prize winners from across the country were invited to attend, we had a celebratory dinner in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Prize. The three pictures in the slide show were taken just prior to the dinner.

June 26, 2018. '66 in London

Stas Maliszewski
is with Julia in London in London and has run run into one classmate and visited with another. Photo 1:  "We unexpectedly saw John Heminway at a 75th birthday bash for renowned sculptor and Julia's mentor Jonathan Kenworthy."  Photo 2: "We had lunch with Ham Shields after close to 50 years. Hes tickled to be involved. In talking with Ham it was clear he reads our stuff because it's fun and easy. I believe our classmates really love seeing other classmates"

May 16, 2018. '66 at the Giants Game

A big group from '66 went to the Giants game:

John Black, Neil Bloomfield, Warren Browne, Ord Elliott, Michael Goldstein, Tom Hanks, Bill Harrison, Steve Harwood, Jon Holman, Krist Jake, Sandy Larsen, Mark Levine, Mark Lurie, David Marshak, Tom Norris, Jeff Reichel, John Scully, Tim Smith, Walter Stockman, Tom Tureen, Jeff Weiss, Joe Zizzi

We also invited Mike Parish '65 as a guest; he's the long-time Class Secretary for '65 and just moved to the Bay Area.

All of this came about because John Scully, who is a minority owner of the Giants, also has access to a luxury suite.  He hosted us in the suite for the game, including lunch.  John also has four field-level seats right in the middle of the action, and the attendees rotated through those seats during the course of the game, which the Giants lost to the Reds 6-4.

October 24, 2017. The 1-2-3-4 Gang Reunites at Last.

Freshman 311 Lockhart roommates John L. Hardwick, Bernard J. D'Avella Jr,, Edward Groth III, and John H. Chidester IV, known to their friends as John (1), Bud (2), Ned (3), and Jack (4), reunited at Bud's in Essex Fells, NJ. As reported by Ned (also see Ned's speculation  after the photo slide show about higher forces at work):

"The recent photos represent the culmination of a 40-year effort by Bud & me to get the four of us who roomed together as freshmen--and posed proudly in June '66 at our first P-Rade (that shot is attached for archival reasons)--back together so we could take the "after" version of the photo. We had to wait for John to retire, since his calendar as a professor in Oregon kept interfering with our efforts to lure him to reunions. But now he's free at last, and he and Claudia traveled to NYC to visit the opera (they are big afficionados), and Bud hosted a gathering at his home in NJ. I came down form Boston, Jack and Audrey came up from Philly, and we all had a wonderful mini-reunion in Essex Fells.

The picture with spouses/significant others includes, females from left to right, Elaine D'Avella, Audrey Corson, and Claudia Hardwick; Sharon, my spouse, didn't make the trip with me."

Bud's son B.J. '97 took the photos. B.J is BJD III, and grandson BJD IV, aka Ben, was there too for a few minutes.

Ned adds some additional background:
"We speculated some on Saturday about how we all came to be roommates. I have always been of the opinion that the housing office had a plan, and probably a sense of humor. Bud went to Newark Academy, and I went to Darrow School. There was one guy from Newark Academy (Pete Papademetriou) and one guy from Darrow (Charlie Emerson) in the class of '65. Pete and Charlie were roommates, and in the fall of 1962 lived in 321 Lockhart Hall. I believe the fact that Bud and I were placed together in 311 Lockhart reflected a sense on the part of whoever assigned freshman housing that it could be useful for us to have friends/sophomore mentors in the same entry. Once Bud and I were placed together (Jr and III) some wag may have said "Oh boy, now we need a I and a IV to fill out this suite," though that's a bit more speculative than the mentor idea. Bottom line, though, I don't believe in coincidences."

Question: Does anyone have additional photos of classmates in the P-rade costume (vest, string tie, bowler hat)? Does anyone still have their costume? It would be great to see a few at the 55th (or the 52nd).

October 13, 2017. Jon Holman reports from San Francisco,
"We had a '66 lunch today with 18 in attendance, location Delancey Street Restaurant in San Francisco.  ...  I'm attaching labeled pictures of most of us; I thought I had gotten everyone but I missed John Scully and Rick Jones somehow.  Mea culpa.  Tim Smith did the arranging with help from me.  Attendees were Tom Adams, John Black, Neil Bloomfield, Warren Browne (recent transplant from New York), Ord Elliott, Michael Goldstein, John Haeger, Steve Harwood, Jon Holman, Rick Jones, Mark Levine, Mark Lurie, David Marshak, John Scully, Lemoine Skinner, Tim Smith, Tom Tureen, and Jeff Weiss.  Rick Jones provided the wine from Jones Family VineyardsThe Jones Family Vineyard is in Calistoga, which has been evacuated, but their property is OK so far.  All it will take is a wind shift this weekend and things won't be good.  But Rick and his family are safe.

You might enjoy reading about the venue.  It is a long-established enterprise which serves as an employment transition for people just released from prison.  Tim and I thought that would send a good message, plus we liked supporting them."

September 17, 2017, From the Class Facebook Page. Rich Reinis visited Dick Rogers at his home in Ladue, MO. Rich reports that Dick is "a wonderful host at home in Ladue, Mo., and I honored to meet his wife Julie." If you missed Permission Granted: Richard Reinis '66click on this PAW online interview, Rich recalls undergraduate days, including getting the dean's approval to get married and playing football, especially the Nov 14, 1964 Yale game

Charles Plohn added a comment, "Great photo! And speaking of which...along with my son and one of my grandsons, on Friday I was on a tour of the Princeton football facilities. On one of the walls there was recognition of the Tigers selected as All-Ivy (see photo below). Congratulations to the two of you on your selections but please note that the Athletic Department would probably appreciate photos of each of you in uniform during your playing days. Is this a coincidence or are there other forces in play?" Classmates in the photo (difficult to read here, but see the Facebook photo) are Charlie Gogolack (1964, 1965), Stas' Maliszewski (1964, 1965), Paul Savidge (1964, 1965), Lawson Cashdollar (1965), Ron Landeck (1965), Dick Reinis (1965), and Dick Rogers (1965), 

June 23, 2017. A group of 50th-blazer-clad classmates gathered at VIA 57 West in New York for the dedication of Jay Lagemann's large (18' tall, 22' wide) outdoor sculpture, "Swinging Jenny". Developer Douglas Durst (Jays Fieldston School classmate) made a few introductory remarks, and Jay Introduced his family, wife Marianne and daughters Chris and Jenny (the "Jenny" of the sculpture, whose origin dates back 25 years). Jay's 50th bio tells the whole story. Great food, dancing, and a rousing locomotive followed. You can see Jenny on the 58th St (north) end of the pedestrian pathway at Via 57, 625 W. 57th St., NYC. For more of Jay's work, check out the Artists and Authors page (search for his name; there are several entries dating back to 2014).

You may need to refresh to get the slideshow moving. You can pause at any point.

JUNE, 2017. [Shamelessly borrowed from the October 5 Class Notes] Dave "Stitz” Stitzer writes happily that the new Hilton Head Island Princeton Luncheon Group meets regularly "to solve world problems and enjoy some old stories”.  Everyone in the area is invited.

L-R: Blair Lee ’67, Richard Welcome ’66, Peter Cooper ’67, Rich Thomas "66, 

May 17, 2017. Dinner at the Princeton Club of New York attended by four '66ers (Walter Bliss, James MacGregorHoward McMorris and Charles Plohn), nine '16ers (including five Project 55 Fellows) and Eva Kubu (Director of Career Services). Mac arrived late from a Cottage Club event with that day's late breaking news about the appointment of Robert Mueller '66 h16 as Special Counsel and entertained the group with stories about Bob.


May 14, 2017. A few photos from the ’66, ’16 luncheon in Washington, DC, co-hosted by Bill Bethune and David Stewart on April 19, 2017. Credits go to Nelson Hendler for photography and to Bill Leahy and Charles Plohn for expanding the gathering to include grandchildren class members participating in Project ‘55 activities.
Photo 1: Michael Moorin ’16, Peter Cary ’66, Joelle Deleveaux ’16, Ken Krosin ’66, Terry Beaty ’66, and Frank Langhammer ’66.
Photo 2:  Rebecca Neill ’16, Yende Grell ’16, Tony Fitch ’66, Andy Butz ’66, and Frank Ward ‘66
A good time was had by all.  Congress was out of session, so we all felt safe.

April 27, 2017. Here's the Princeton class of 1966 D.C. lunch group. Annual Chesapeake Bay trophy striped bass fishing trip, April 2017. L-R: Peter Cary (kneeling), John Slidell (kneeling), Frank Nuessle (standing), Walt Smedley (seated), Wallace Judd (seated), Nelson Hendler (standing)striped bass, in repose.

April 22, 2017. A great day at the races, hosted by Julia and Stas - report from Stas, with lots of photos coming soon from Ned Groth.

The wandering wagering went well with Sandra Weiksner motivating people to place their $20 bets. Half the pot of $540 goes to the Class Scholarship Fund. Dave Bonnett and Frank Langhammer both picker the winner "Senior Senator” and they very generously donated back their winnings. So the total contribution to the Class Scholarship Fund is $540.

It turns out that in yesterday’s 60 Minutes broadcast there was a piece on the Maryland Hunt Cup and the horse "Senior Senator”. Yes the same horse. Included in the piece was an interview with Paddy Neilson ’64, brother of our former classmate Cookie Neilson.

April 11, 2017. John Edie, Rick Bowers, and Frank MacMurray (L-R in the first photo) were recently in Peru and reached Machu Picchu and are rumored to be on their way to the Amazon. Along the way, they made some new friends in a small village at 13,000 feet.

March 12, 2017. Leighton Chen reports "Class well represented at mens basketball team's historic win at Penn's Palaestra to capture the inaugural Ivy Championship tournament to cap a historic perfect basketball campaign. Team was 16-0 against Ivies. 14-0 regular season, 2-0 in tournament. Charles Plohn and his son, Kay and myself, Merideth and Henry Von Kohorn, and I'm sure, others were there. Also in attendance current Prez Eisgruber h66 and past Shirley h66. Overachieving women also made championship finals and will go to WNIT. Men play Notre Dame Thursday at 12:15 in Buffalo in the big dance." Charles Plohn adds "Other '66ers in attendance included Bert Kerstetter and his son Lincoln, Mary Lou and Jeff Shafer, and Matt Eastwick '92 k66."

The photos show Leighton and Kay, Charles and his son, and the post-game celebration.


February 25, 2017. Click here for full Alumni Day coverage, including the class dinner with the first Locomotive Award.

February 15, 2017. Seven of us hosted lunch for four Boston-area AlumniCorps Project 55 fellows from our 2016 Grandchild class, meeting downtown at the Carrie Nation Restaurant and Cocktail Club for our new traditional Third Thursday lunch (join us if you're in town). The fellows have impressive accomplishments, activities, and career plans and are great conversationalists as well. This was the first 1966-2016 event since the 50th. Clockwise in the first photo from Rick Bowers in the striped sweater at the head of the table and without class identification, we have: Rick, Nina Narayanan, Ned Groth, Clara Kerwin, Sanjay Rao, Mike Tooke (head of the other end), Carl Corey (in 50th blazer), Owen Mathieu, John Hart, Emilee Tu, and David Williams. For more about the Boston Project 55 fellows, click here and see Pages 5-6.


November 12, 2016. From David Lee: Hallie and I drove to New Haven over the weekend to the Princeton Yale game, and watched the Tigers spank Yale 31-3 in a very satisfying, dominating win. We have done this a couple of times because we have a group of Princeton and Yale  CT friends who organize a tailgate and then after the game we all have dinner together at Mory's in downtown New Haven. So there were 19 of us in the Library Room at Mory's and Hallie and I wore our Reunion outfits. As we came through the door at Mory's the two staffers there got very excited when they saw our Reunion gear and exclaimed, "You guys look so cute we can't stand it", and "these are the most amazing outfits we've ever seen". We went up to the Library room for dinner and the staff up there kind of went bananas. One guy exclaimed " You guys are amazing! You have made my day!" Another Mory's staffer said, " I've never seen anything like this! Go Princeton!" When our Yale friends arrived, we received numerous additional compliments. Finally, on the way out of Mory's some guy got up from his table downstairs and said, "That is the most amazing jacket I've ever seen".

More football news - Yale’s former football coach, Carmen Cozza, recalls his players wanted most to defeat Princeton and, surprisingly, not Harvard. do you suppose that our '63-'65 teams had anything to do with that feeling?

November 2, 2016. From Francis Kwok: "Nancy & I met Sandy & Roger Evans on the Hawaii Big Island. We had 5 days of intellectual activities such as eating, drinking, not to mention checking out the volcanoes. Roger went on to another Island for serious business & we went R & R on Maui.

October 22, 2016. Plohn Hall was full of '66'ers and their guests, bringing the home coming weekend to a close. The photos show the peaceful transition of presidential power (a class tradition symbolized by passing the cake slicer and furling the old presidential flag), followed by letting us all eat cake and enjoy a Tigertones serenade (click here and here).


October 17, 2016. Washington, DC area '66ers met at the Metropolitan Club and were joined by Charlie Gogolak. Charlie and his brother Pete were in town at the invitation of the Hungarian Embassy, as part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.

Charlie spoke to the group and recalled how his family moved to Ogdensburg in upstate New York upon arriving in the US to be near relatives. There was no soccer team, so kicking field goals and extra points was the alternative, and the rest is history. At Princeton, Bob Bedell's holding and Kit Mill's hiking were a big part of Charlie's success, and it helped to be on a winning team (Our last three years we were 24 - 3: 7 - 2, 9 - 0, then 8 - 1).

The first photo shows, L-R: Stas Maliszewski, Charlie Gogolak, John Slidell, and Terry Beaty

The next photo shows:
BACK Row: Kearney Shanahan, John Firestone, Jim Timbie, Terry Beaty, Ken Krosin, John Edie, Michael Barrett, Bill Bethune, Andy Butz, Frank Langhammer, Bill Torgerson, Frank Ward
SEATED: John Bowman, Peter Cary, Stas’ Maliszewski, Charlie Gogolak, John Slidell, Terry Eakin, Wallace Judd

Summer?, 2016: Nelson Hendler sends this photo of 66ers from Maryland's Eastern Shore successfully fishing for "trophy rockfish”. L to R-Wallace Judd, Peter Cary, John Bowman, Nelson Hendler, and John Slidell. Frank Neustle took the picture. Nelson reports that "all the stripped bass (a.k.a. "rockfish") were over 28 inches and all over 18 pounds”. He hopes for a repeat of this successful event with more ‘66ers next spring.

October 11, 2016. John Hart, Owen Mathieu, and Ned Groth attended a reception for Boston City Council member Andrea Campbell '04..Owen, Brent Henry '69, David Abramowitz '78, and Caitlin Sullivan '07 sponsored the reception, which was attended by numerous Boston area alums.

September 21, 2016. Bud D'Avela writes, "The best thing about a terrific 50th Reunion with too little time to talk to everyone as long as you'd like, is that you promise yourself to reach out to classmates when you're travelling, and to spend more time together. So when I was going to be in Denver on a speaking engagement I reached out to clubmate Tom Reid and we quickly organized this group -- Benghauser, D'Avella, Reid, Hoster and Nicholson -- at the Rock Bottom Brewery near the hotel on Tuesday, September 20.  I heartily recommend it.

September 20, 2016. (L-R) David Marshak, Jon Homan, and Tim Smith met for lunch in SF. David reports that they had a good discussion about caring for fellow classmates.

May 26-31, 2016. There were sightings too numerous to mention at the one and only great 50th reunion. For all 50th news, please click here.

April 30, 2016. Owen Mathieu, Bud D'Avela, Henry Von Kohorn, and Jim Parmentier are pictured at the Woodrow Wilson School attending the annual Princeton Prize Symposium.

September 30, 2015. Nancy and Francis Kwok are on the road again in Italy, and report "Cycling thru the town of Oria, see what we found". Nancy spotted it, and, unfortunately, the pub was closed at the time. "We are at the end of a week long bike tour. 14 of us did some 50km a day, including uphill climbs. One hotel we stayed in was actually a cave modernized! We'll be heading to the west coast for r & r before flying home."

Tony Zee and Janice were visited recently by Stas' Maliszewski, Stas’ wife Julia, and his youngest daughter Rictavia. The picture shows them relaxing on the Santa Barbara beaches.

May, 2015: L-R at the May 5 PANE (Princeton Association of New England) Annual Meeting are John Hart, Rick Bowers, Jim Parmentier, and Owen Mathieu.

Owen presented the Boston area Princeton Prize awards. The winner was North Andover High School Senior Ayana Albertini-Fleurant. Ayana launched her school’s Literacy Roundtable, a forum designed to advance positive race relations at her school. Members of the  nascent discussion group meet once a week and use books, articles, films, or history lessons as  springboards for lively conversations on some of the biggest issues in race relations. In her acceptance speech, Ayana specifically thanked the Class of '66 for creating the Princeton Prize.

Henry Von Kohorn, American Civil War historian and Princeton Professor Emeritus James McPherson, and Jon Holman, at the Princeton Journeys "Walking Gettysburg" trip from April 10 to April 12, 2015. Bill Leahy's wife Chris and son Will '04 were also on the trip. Jon reports "Prof. McPherson marched us through the fields and remembered every regiment by number and regiment commander.  Quite an amazing guy."

Rick Bowers and John Edie, on a beach in Costa Rica this past January. 

Rick Bowers and Stas' Maliszewski, last fall when those two traveled together to Keokuk, Iowa, to watch their respective high schools (Rick, from Keokuk; Stas', from Davenport Assumption) meet on the football field for the first time in 40 years.

Dave Ames sent in a picture of himself and his two tiger cub grandchildren, David and Will.

Dave says that Dave Stitzer has been regularly winning ribbons at the Hilton Head Motoring Festivals and the Concours d'Elegance whenever he displays his 1960's Ford Mustangs.:

The photo shows what happens when globetrotting '66ers run into each other in a gin joint around the world. In this case, Shirley & Brian Breuel and Nancy & Guy Woelk have a drink at the bar in the Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest in November (2014).

June, 2014: The photo shows (L-R) Jim Parmentier, Owen Mathieu, John Hart, Henry Von Kohorn, and Rick Bowers at Boston's Fenway Park for June 9, 2014 PANE (Princeton Association of New England) Annual Meeting.  The meeting's principal speaker was retiring Princeton Athletic Director Gary Walters '67, and the meeting also featured Owen presenting the 2014 Princeton Prize awards to Boston area high school students.