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The Plohn Hall '66 Class Library has a collection of '66 works extending back many years. Charles Plohn, Former Class President and current Class Librarian writes, "My hope is that '66ers who have written/edited/translated books that are not currently in the library contribute them to the class...or put us in touch with favorable prices for textbooks.' Click here to download a spread sheet file (updated May 25, 2019) with current contents, and here is a spreadsheet with current authors.


Recent '66 books, documentaries, art exhibitions, articles, and more! 

Let me know ( if there are others so we can make this list as complete as possible! This is a work-in-progress and incomplete; please help by sending any information you may have. In addition to listing books, we'll occasionally list articles from important journals and magazines. We're adding new books frequently and also many older books. This page has fallen behind. I'll try to catch up, but, in the meantime, you can click on Charles Plohn's listing of current Plohn Hall holdings.

Also see the '66 Stories page for shorter, unpublished '66 works.


September 14, 2019. David Dolenmayer's translation of A Man in Love: A Novel by Martin Walser portrays 73-year old Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in love with a 19-year old countess. "... Caught in a storm of emotion and torn between despair and unwillingness to give up hope, he begins an elegy in his coach as he pursues her ...". David's translation of the resulting “Marienbad Elegy” and the German original are included.  Also see David's translation of the recent biography Goethe: Life as a Work of Art.


May 27, 2019Charley Wertheimer is the 122nd '66er represented in our class library. He edited Flying Into The Storm - An Infantry Soldier's Journey by his friend and neighbor Bill Norris. Dagger Four is OK:  Brig. Gen. Norman C. Gaddis POW Memoir also written by Bill Norris and edited by Charles.


April 24, 2019. The Language of Motion is the catalog for Jay Lagemann's 2014 sculpture show at the Academy Art Museum in Easton, MD. Scroll down for other examples of Jay's work as well as a slide show of the show.


April 18, 2019. The US Department of Justice published a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report. Print and Kindle versions are available from multiple sources (click here for those available on Amazon), and online versions are available from the Department of Justice website, from major news organizations, and elsewhere.


March 8, 2019. Tom Scott's posthumously published The Universe as It Really Is: Earth, Space, Matter, and Time takes the reader on a integrated tour of the universe starting with elementary particles through atomic physics to chemistry, and on to life, geology, and the origins of the universe. Tom's wife Bonnie wrote a beautiful forward ending with "Tom believed that science and our understanding of the universe are always works in progress, calling for the best we have of observation, experimentation, collaboration, measurement, data, theory, and critical review. This book continues the shared endeavor for better comprehension of our physical world. We hope you will enjoy it."


February 8, 2019. Wallace Judd authored a series of books in the mid-70s regarding calculator games (Games Calculators Play, Dogfight and More Games Calculators Play) and mathematical recreations (Thinkerthings, Math MatActivities, and Patterns to Play on a Hundred Chart).


February 8, 2019. Prentice-Hall published Bruce Gates' Social Arogram Administration: The Implementation of Social Policy in 1980.

January 16, 2019. Bob Klahn, the creator of 60 New York Times crosswords puzzles, has authored and co-authored several crossword puzzle books, with four pictured here. The titles say it all, and you'll find numerous other titles in the web pages. The first book's summary says "Solvers can begin their cranium-crushing crossword journey with this collection by legendary constructor Bob Klahn. It tests their wits with everything from trivia teasers to witty wordplay." The two most recent among the four pictured are Absolutely Nasty® Crosswords Level 1 (Absolutely Nasty® Series) and Super Coffee Shop Crosswords.


December 11, 2018. Here are three PHL additions. Where the Girls Are, Business Careers After College, and 2018: A Season for the Ages, Jim Merritt's game-by-game description of the undefeated football season supplemented with postgame analysis by Henry Von Kohorn and an informal email group of Tiger fans. 

October 10, 2018. Robert Evans' Seven Secrets of the Savvy School Leader has just been added to the '66 Library at Plohn Hall, which already included Rob's The Human Side of School Change.


September 12, 2018. Tom Lemberg is the 2014 author of Difficult Times: A Fresh Look at Democracy in Modern America.


September 18, 2018. Mike Burrill (who died in May, 2018) authored Sustainable Transportation and Development - Planning, Funding, Results.


May 18, 2018. 
With the recent addition of books by Art Davidsen, Arch Elias, David Kern, Tom Lemberg and Richard ("Fitz") Fitzpatrick, the '66 Library now has 175 books authored/co-authored/edited/translated by 69 classmates. The Library does not yet include additional books by the currently represented authors nor books written by other '66ers...but we continue to work on the project. The class owes a special thank you to Jon Holman for identifying class authors, both alive and deceased.


April 30, 2018. Monte Ray is the author of two books recently added to the Plohn Hall Library: Monetary Terrorism: How to Survive and Prosper From the Secret War on National Currencies (2012) and Legal Dynamite: Seven Explosive Secrets of American Law (2016).

April 30, 2018. Nelson Hendler addresses conceptual methods of problem solving, as they are applied to medicine and chronic pain with his recently published Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients Are Misdiagnosed and How to Correct That.

April 30, 2018. Bill Pressly's 1984 James Barry: The Artist as Hero is now in the Plohn Hall Library. Search below for Bill's 2016 prize winning James Barry’s Murals at the Royal Society of Arts: Envisioning a New Public Art.

April 30, 2018. Tony Zee's
latest book from the Princeton University Press is On Gravity: A Brief Tour of a Weighty Subject. The Amazon summary promises Tony's "signature warmth and freshness of style, On Gravity opens a unique pathway to comprehending relativity and gaining deep insight into gravity, spacetime, and the workings of the universe."

The Plohn Hall Library also has Tony's less weighty but more digestible updated 2014 second edition of Swallowing Clouds: A Playful Journey through Chinese Culture, Language, and Cuisine.

April 29, 2018.
Three books by Hussein Adam, who passed away in late 2017, have been added to the Plohn Hall Library, and one more is on the way.
The titles are: War Destroys, Peace Nurtures - Somali Reconciliation and Development (2003, co-edited), From Tyranny to Anarchy - The Somali Experience (2007), and Removing Barricades in Somalia - Options for Peace and Rehabilitation (1998).

April 14, 2018. Charles S. Keefe (1876 to 1946): Colonial Revival Architect in Kingston and New York by William Rhodes "restores Keefe to his rightful place among tradition-minded architects who were dismayed by the rise of modernism. This richly illustrated volume gives a full and colorful account of Keefe's professional and personal life." (from the Amazon synopsis).  "A native and lifelong resident of Kingston, New York, with offices in both Kingston and New York City, Charles S. Keefe (1876 1946) established himself in the 1920s and 1930s as a leading architect in the study and revival of old Colonial buildings, specializing in middle-class houses and outbuildings on upper-class estates. His designs received wide publication in professional journals and popular magazines, but since his death in 1946 he has fallen into obscurity. In CHARLES S. KEEFE (1876-1946): COLONIAL REVIVAL ARCHITECT IN KINGSTON AND NEW YORK," William B. Rhoads is a leading scholar of the Colonial Revival.

March 25, 2018. Martin Winch is the author of Biography of a Place: Passages through a Central Oregon Meadow. From the Amazon summary, Martin's book "explores and weaves together the social and natural history of one meadow. It digs down into the roots of place. This is a meadow with a surprising and entertaining story and a memorable cast of characters. The storyline flows across overlapping circles of connection among people and place. This is a pleasurable, novel way to understand how a social and natural landscape became what it is today."


March 25, 2018. Russ Hurlburt has published widely; four titles are shown here. In addition to the four shown here (The Amazon pages will take you to Russ' other books), a recent book is Investigating Pristine Inner Experience: Moments of Truth (2011). From the Amazon summary:

"You live your entire waking life immersed in your inner experiences (thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc.) - private phenomena created by you, just for you, your own way. ... Investigating Pristine Inner Experience explores how to apprehend inner experience in high fidelity. This book will transform your view of your own inner experience, awaken you to experiential differences between people, and thereby reframe your thinking about psychology and consciousness science.... The author, a pioneer in using beepers to explore inner experience, draws on his 35 years of studies to provide fascinating and provocative views of everyday inner experience and experience in bulimia, adolescence, the elderly, schizophrenia, Tourette's syndrome, virtuosity, and so on.".

March 20, 2018. Bruce Lesile has a new co-authored book in the Plohn Hall Library. Sixty-Four Campuses - One University: The Story of SUNY is written with Kenneth O'Brien and another contributor.

February 17, 2018. Ed Bronstein is a professional artist working in Philadelphia. An American Artists November, 2005 article discusses Ed's work and transition from architect to painter. There are several examples of his work (in addition to the samples below). Ed's website has additional paintings, articles, interviews, and videos.


February 13, 2018. John Heminway's In Full Flight: A Story of Africa and Atonement is "the remarkable story of one woman's search for a new life in Africa in the wake of World War II--a life that sparked a heroic career, but also hid a secret past." Click here for a Wall Street Journal review of this story of Dr. Anne Spoerry (1918-99). The WSJ review includes the following, "Spoerry was revered as 'Mama Daktari' an indefatigable 'mother doctor' and the first female member of the Flying Doctors service of the African Medical and Research Foundation. ... John Heminway, a winner of two Emmys, first met and interviewed Spoerry in Kenya in 1980, when he was working in Africa as a journalist and filmmaker. He was curious about Spoerry's past but was rebuffed when he asked her about it. Nonetheless, Spoerry let him accompany her as she flew from one rural village to another on her medical rounds-treating and operating on many of Kenya's poorest inhabitants and vaccinating them against polio and smallpox. Mr. Heminway wrote often about these journeys, and an expanded version of one of these profiles appeared in his book No Man's Land (1983). But throughout the 20 years that Mr. Heminway continued both to write about and socialize with Spoerry, he was never able to persuade her to open up about her life before she became Mama Daktari. On that, she remained silent and inscrutable."

January 28, 2018. Michael Peterman scores "3 hat tricks and a power-play goal" (Charles Plohn's imagery) with a collection of books (pictured below) all authored, co-authored, edited, forwarded or introduced by Michael. Michael adds, "English Studies at PU taught me what to look for and what to do. And I am still doing it. In fact, I am off to Texas (Austin) in mid-February to get warm and to look into another writer's papers at the Harry Ransom Research Library."

December 29, 2017. Peter A. Wilson is co-author of a new RAND Corporation report, U.S. Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World - Rethinking the U.S. Approach to Force Planning. Peter writes, "Gents,  Attached is a recently released report on rethinking U.S. global defense force planning. I view it as my de facto big project swan song with RAND.  I think you'll find the analysis of interest in light of the recently released Trump National Security Strategy. All, have a pleasant new year. See you in January."  Note: The link will take you to a page where you can get a pdf version or order a hard copy. Click here for additional reports Peter has authored, including recent reports on Korea and Ukraine.

December 15, 2017. Jim Mengert's Sea Glass, "A collection of 100 short lyric poems addressing the thoughts, feelings, experiences, and memories of a poet who has lived to "a certain age.", is receiving excellent reader reviews.

December 15, 2017. Bob Brooks and his son A.C. have just published The Clown Forest Murders, following up on Justi the GiftedRead it to answer such questions as: "Did clown-colored mushrooms spark the gruesome murders? Will his memories of the murders save him or kill him?" Bob writes, "For those of you who have read The Clown Forest Murders and wonder how two authors work to produce one book, I offer a keen insight into the process in my blog posted on  Check it out to discover the secret of cooperation."

December 12, 2017. Jeff Burt is coauthor of Trump, Eisenhower and Russia: A Chance for Peace in The National Interest.

October 17, 2017. Lanny Jones is the co-translator of Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition by Pia de Jong. The author, a best-selling novelist, lives in Princeton.

October 17, 2017. David Dollenmayer's latest translation from German is Goethe: Life as a Work of Art. "This sterling biography of Germany’s greatest writer presents Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as if we are seeing him for the first time."

October 3, 2017. Click here for reminiscences of personal encounters with Princes Diana written by, among others, Lanny Jones and Sally Bedell Smith (Bob's ex).

August 21, 2017. Nelson Hendler's fourth book, "Why 40%-80% of Chronic Pain Patients Are Misdiagnosed, and How to Correct That" is available from Nova Publishing.

August 3, 2017. Bob Brooks writes to announce the appearance online of his short story "Psycholizards," a SF tale with a bit of a Christmas theme.  It appears now in the Aug 1 issue of Aurora Wolf, A Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  It is the featured story on the cover page and has a great graphic.

April 3, 2017. T.R. Reid's latest book, our soon, is A Fine Mess: A Global Quest for a Simpler, Fairer, and More Efficient Tax System. T.R. covers tax policy alternatives, and he discussed the book at our Feb 25 Alumni Day dinner. Click here for an April 3 Fresh Air NPR interview with Terry Gross, Author Looks To Other Countries To Rethink America's Complicated Tax Code. T.R. was featured in a long segment of the April 13 PBS NewsHour and has an April 14 OpEd (Filing Taxes in Japan Is a Breeze. Why Not Here?) in the New York Times. Finally, here's a New York Times review.

March 15, 2017. Jay Lagemann is the creator of numerous works, including the prowling "Princeton Charlie" Tiger sculpture familiar to recent P-Rade audiences and Swinging Jenny, the massive work (18' tall and Jenny cantilevered out 22') now gracing the Durst Organization's VIΛ 57 WEST residential property in Manhattan.


Both Swinging Jenny and another Lagemann sculpture, The Bond, complement the mission of fellow '66er Tom Benghauser's Building Babies Brain Foundation to such an uncanny degree that within minutes of learning about BBBF in detail, Jay had decided to make "miniatures" of both works available to the nonprofit for use as prizes in a series of monthly drawings for which all donors will be automatically entered.

February 16, 2012. Lanny Jones continues to publish articles of current interest in leading periodicals. His latest is America is Forgetting its Own History in Time (Feb 14). Lanny's website contains much more.

January 7, 2017Riesling Rediscovered: Bold, Bright, and Dry is John Haeger's latest book about wine and is featured in the Dec 7, 2016 PAW "Holiday Bookshelf". From the publisher, "John Winthrop Haeger explores the history of Riesling to illuminate how this variety emerged from a crowded field of grape varieties grown widely across northern Europe. Riesling Rediscovered is a comprehensive, current, and accessible overview of what many consider to be the world’s finest and most versatile white wine." John's 2008 Pacific Pinot Noir: A Comprehensive Winery Guide for Consumers and Connoisseurs is also available. 

December 14, 2016Jamie Spencer writes that his second book, Modified Raptures, is his "first true piece of fiction” and now available from his publisher and Amazon. Set in both St. Louis and outer space, Jamie says this book "dramatizes in detail the ways time's irresistible demands can shape (or doom) human relationships, careers and lives”.

December 14, 2016. Larry Scott follows up with the following note: "The editor of The Journal of Organic Chemistry invited me to write a personal perspective on my 44 years of research in organic chemistry. Last week, my PERSPECTIVE was published and highlighted on the cover of the journal (J. Org. Chem. 2016, 81, 11535).

November 8, 2016. Larry Scott's Fragments of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes: Designed Synthesis, Unusual Reactions, and Coordination Chemistry” (co-edited by M. A. Petrukhina)was chosen for the 2012 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award as the best book of the year in the natural sciences by a faculty member at one of the sixteen institutions comprising the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Click here for an interview with Larry that also explains the book's unusual cover.

October 24, 2016. Andrew Littauer's collection of poems, The Song of the Chickadee, will soon be available on Amazon. Andrew's poem, Beneath the Ashes, Elms and Oaks, was read ar our 50th Reunion Memorial Service (click here for the program which includes the poem).

September 18, 2016. Terry O’Keeffe’s most recently published article, "Egon Kisch:  Supplementing and Correcting the Biographical Record” appeared in the May, 2016 issue of an Australian journal, Labour History.  Since 2011, his writing about Central and Eastern European writers, culture, and history has been published in The Hungarian Quarterly, the Sarmatian Review, The Polish Review, and the Slavic and East European Journal.  Right now, Terry is looking for a publisher well-disposed toward a recently completed book built around his translation from the German of a cabaret play written by Egon Erwin Kisch. Kisch, born in 1885, was a Prague native and journalist who was internationally famous as "the raging reporter” during the interwar years, when his adventurous nature took him to the USA, the Muslim borderlands of the USSR, North Africa, China, and Australia.  The book’s title is History into Fiction. Egon Erwin Kisch and the Redl Espionage Case.  If any classmates have bright ideas about publishers who might be interested in such a work, let Terry know (

August 10, 2016. Lanny Jones' article, The Story Behind America’s First War on ‘Terror’, appears in the Time July 12 edition. Read Lanny's This Election Is the Baby Boomers’ Last Hurrah in the August 24 Time, and How to Repel a Bear—Or Not in the August 22 Wall Street Journal (you'll need a WSJ account to read the complete online version).

May 31, 2016. Terry Seymour was spotted at the 50th with his just-released Boswell's Books: Four Generations of Collecting and Collectors. From the Amazon summary: "Since the day in 1791 when The Life of Johnson was published, James Boswell has ranked among our greatest authors. With the discovery of Boswell's journals and other papers in the twentieth-century, and their subsequent publication by Yale, armies of scholars have dissected his life, methods and manners. Yet until now, no one has attempted to document the books in his personal library. Terry Seymour has combed Boswell family inventories, the four Boswell auction sales, evidence from the Boswell papers, and two centuries of auction records and dealer catalogues to provide a remarkably complete reconstruction.The more than 4,500 entries, each one representing a title, document not only James Boswells library, but also that of his father, grandfather and two sons."

May 31, 2016. David Dollenmayer's translation of two works by the Austrian novelist Michael Köhlmeier has just appeared. Idyll with Drowning Dog is about a couple trying to deal with the loss of their daughter in a freak hiking accident. David dedicated the translation to Asher Green, son of Jeff Green '66. Asher died in a hiking accident in Peru in 2007. David's 2015 translation of Martin Walser's A Gushing Fountain (New York: Arcade Publishing, 2015) was just reviewed in the New York Review of Books.

April 16, 2016. Jay Lagemann's has two sculptures on display through the summer in Summit, NJ. Click here for a article about Jay and "Speedo" and here for Jay's video. Reading Dog and Sunrise are on display at the Peabody Institute Library in Danvers, MA through October 13 with an opening reception June 26.

Larry Lindsey's
Stump! follows a young marine in the Pacific during World War II. Senator Bill Bradley '65 says ""In STUMP! Larry Allen Lindsey beautifully recounts the late Lee Kelley's powerful World War II stories. STUMP! is a moving tribute to our 'greatest generation'."". Larry's website will bring you up-to-date on Larry's activities.

The latest in Tony Zee's "nutshell" series from the Princeton University Press is Group Theory in a Nutshell for Physicists. Tony's Einstein Gravity in a Nutshell (May, 2013) and Quantum Field Theory, 2nd Edition (In a nutshell) (February, 2010), while sizeable nutshells, are widely praised their clarity, depth, and humor. Fearful Symmetry: The Search for Beauty in Modern Physics (August, 2007) updates Tony's 1986 book while retaining the tiger burning bright on the cover.

January 15, 2016: Ken Harney writes an award-winning, nationally syndicated real estate column for the Washington Post. "Week after week he focuses on the real issues faced by today's record number of homeowners -- complicated tax problems, the settlement fee thicket, credit scores and credit files – and guides readers to smart solutions." Ken has been a member of the Washington Post Writers Group since 1981,  has authored two books on real estate investment, served on the Federal Reserve Board's Consumer Advisory Council and received the Consumer Federation of America's lifetime achievement award for media.

January 10, 2016: Video Animations of Meditation & Prayer-Induced Light Visions: Drawing on his own experiences and on descriptions of the paradigm sequence of meditation-induced light visions described repeatedly in ancient Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese texts, Philip Nicholson conducts a neurologically-grounded, "reverse-engineering” analysis of the spatial and temporal characteristics of those light visions.  His analysis reveals that activation of slow wave sleep rhythms is responsible for generating "empty-mind” meditative trances and destabilization of those sleep rhythms is responsible for triggering many ecstatic seizures described in the literatures of world mysticism.  Video animations and descriptions of the light visions are presented in a non-sectarian website.

August 21, 2015: John Heminway's Warlords of Ivory premiers Sunday, August 30th on the National Geographic Channel. Please tune into the National Geographic Channel at 8:00pm Eastern and 7:00pm Central for Warlords of Ivory, produced by John Heminway, JJ Kelley, Katie Carpenter and featuring investigative reporter Bryan Christy. This has been a work of love by many to help save the African elephant, with its future hanging in the balance. Ours is a story never before told. Please watch, tell your friends and spread the word everywhere. John's Battle for the Elephants premiered in February, 2013 and was shown to the class and out grandchild class during Alumni Day, 2014.

August 14, 2015: Lanny Jones WSJ article, On the Range Where the College Cowboys No Longer Play, tells of "a summer job on a Montana ranch 50 years ago involved a lot more workers and a lot more forklift fun". A visit to the same ranch today describes the changes brought about by 50 years of technology and economic developments.

Joel Primack is the co-author of the June, 2015 Scientific American article All the Light There Ever Was, an accessible account of measuring extragalactic background light.

Lanny Jones latest article in The Atlantic is "The Cardinals Loose Their Virtue".

Bob Brooks
' first novel, Justi the Gifted, was published this past January (2015) and is now in our Class library at Plohn Hall. Tolkeinesquely, Bob created a dichotomous world complete with its own geography, Good and Evil, stalwart warriors, beautiful maidens, dark and rain-slicked tunnels, sword fights, balloon rides, and a rather Victorian coming-of-age experience for our young hero. Its brief and tantalizing Epilogue seems to point directly to a stay tuned!

Lanny Jones has written several recent articles inspired by the events in Ferguson, MO. The latest is "'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Could Start a Real Revolution" in Time (Dec 4, 2014). Two other articles are Echoes of Michael Brown's Death in St. Louis' Racially Charged Past The Atlantic (Aug 12, 2014) and Another St. Louis Summer The New Yorker News Desk (August 22, 2014).
Jay West's Merchant Moscow: Images of Russia's Vanished Bourgeoisie has been released (July, 2014) in paperback by the Princeton Legacy Library. Jay was co-editor of this 1998 book. There is also a recently-released Russian language edition.
Joel Primack and his colleagues have written a series of papers on the Bolshoi Simulation.The Bolshoi Simulation is the most accurate cosmological simulation of the evolution of the large-scale structure of the universe yet made ...." The link includes a "Visualization of the dark matter in 1/1000 of the gigantic Bolshoi cosmological simulation, zooming in on a region centered on the dark matter halo of a very large cluster of galaxies."
Jay Lagemann's The Language of Motion" and "Small Sculptures was on display at the Academy Art Museum (Easton, MD) starting May 31, 2014 and running through the summer. There was no hitchhiking 66 tiger, but there was a lot to see; here's a slide show from photos made during a June 16 visit. Two photos show "Swinging Jenny" hanging out in the Bank of America Building lobby at 6th Ave and 42nd Street (New York) on Dec. 27.

John von DalerPieces: A Life in Eight Movements and a Prelude (January, 2014). Among the great comments is a fictional memoir, Douglas Pennick '67 says: "It is a wonderful book, supple, thoughtful, affectionate and deeply loyal to what is best in the simple and not so simple joys that life affords. If a book can be thought of as a companion in life, Pieces by John von Daler is a true and lovely friend." 

Take a look at Dial Parrott's beautifully produced The Genius of Venice: Piazza San Marco and the Making of the Republic (September, 2013).

John Heminway's Battle for the Elephants premiered in February, 2013 and was shown to the class and out grandchild class during Alumni Day (2014).

Jon Wiener: How We Forgot the Cold War: A Historical Journey across America tours and comments upon cold war sites, museums, and monuments. Here's the PAW review.

Ord Elliott: The Warrior's Silence (Sept, 2012). Also click here for Jim Merritt's article about Ord.

Jim Merritt: The Last Buffalo Hunter and Other Stories: Adventures in the Great American Outdoors (June, 2012)

Lanny JonesThe Journals of Lewis and Clark (July, 2011). Co-authored with John Bakeless. Also see Lanny's 2002 book, The Essential Lewis and Clark.

John Scully: Preemptive Strike (September, 2010) is a cold war espionage thriller; alert readers will get a kick out of a brief appearance by FBI agent Charlie Gogolak. Cold War figures, real (Stalin, Beria, Eisenhower, JE Hoover, and more) and fictional, appear in the White House, Kremlin, KGN Headquarters, etc. Also see The Train Set Of Boyhood Dreams: John Scully's $400,000 Playground in ForbesLife, Sept 23, 2013.

T. R. ReidThe Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care (August, 2010).

 Bruce LeslieGentlemen and Scholars: College and Community in the "Age of the University" (June, 2005) will interest all tigers curious about Princeton's history. Bruce uses four case studies: Swarthmore, Franklin and Marshall, Bucknell, and, of course, Princeton. Ed Tenner '65 cites Bruce in the July 9, 2014 PAW (p. 45)  article "Their Princeton: 1914".